Friday, May 30, 2008

Ashley Harkleroad to appear in Playboy

Ashley HarkleroadSo Ashley chose the occasion of her French Open first round thrashing by Serena to announce her upcoming appearance in Playboy. Harkleroad was once a top prospect, known for her potential to reach the top as well as her looks, but distractions, injuries and a wavering commitment to the game leave her marginalised and little more than a journeyman.

She played well against Williams displaying good court coverage and desperation but you always sensed that when Serena chose to crank up the pace, Harkleroad would have no answer. And so it was. 6-2 6-1 doesn’t look pretty.

For athletes who are both talented and attractive a day must come when they decide where their career priorities lie: To set aside the demands of sponsors and concentrate (mainly) on their sport, or to get as much reward as you can from both and hope you can keep a balance.

It appears that Ashley has made her choice. I’d like to say that I wish her luck, but I’m sorry.

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