Saturday, June 14, 2008

The decline of German tennis

Talking to a German friend recently who stated that there were no good German tennis players. Of course he’s right. The country that produced Boris Becker and Steffi Graf now has only injury-prone Haas and the obnoxious Kiefer while the top female is the 17 yr old Sabine Lisicki. Lisicki may have potential but the others are past their use by date.

Compared to Graf’s 23 Grand Slam wins and Becker’s achievements (I think he won Wimbledon and grunted a lot) you can see why the Germans are down on tennis.

These days Steffi married some American and is presumedly happy while Boris is having tax problems and complaining about the women players grunting. Oh and making babies in broom closets. “Ich bin trin!” indeed.


Marcus said...

Hey, thx for the post 'bout the poor German tennis. But the one guy is Haas not Hass (which actually would mean -> hatred).

And shouldnt you mention that Graf married Agassi? At least that could lead to a post about famous Andre.

... and why I am talking about tennis anyway?

KickServer said...

Well spotted


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