Friday, June 13, 2008

Gonzo Tennis

The forehand known as Fernando Gonzalez was defaulted from Queens today for continued ball abuse and smashing his racquet. Ivo Karlovic was the lucky beneficiary. Gonzalez will likely be fined for the experience and probably won’t do it again until next time.

The Olympic gold medallist (doubles) has a history of a combustible moments, hitting lights-out forehands and dating a hot tennis player.

Karlovic, who is about 11 feet tall*, is famous for his serve and not smashing his racquets. Obviously he is not as idolised by fans as Gonzo. One can only wait till The Championships and hope Gonzalez will be given centre count and the opportunity to smash his racquets in front of millions of fans and his hot girlfriend. That’s what we pay money to see.

*Seriously, I saw him play at Melbourne Park, he is about 11 feet tall.

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