Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hewitt and Malisse

Lleyton Hewitt
Leyton Hewitt, who is best known for winning Wimbledon and marrying a hot actress, played Xavier Malisse today - yes it was a thrashing. Malisse is best known for dating Jennifer Capriati and being defaulted for endangering the life of a ballboy. He was a fine tennis player once – now he needs a wild card to get into Wimbledon. Haven’t seen much of Capriati recently either.

Hewitt doesn’t play as much as he used to and seems comfortable with the fact that he will no longer compete with the best players (ie TMF and Nadal) but just play 15 tournaments a year and make a few mill in prizes and endorsements. On the plus side he gets more time to watch the Crows and play with his kid. Oh and he doesn't have marital problems.

“Come Onnnnn!” indeed.

In minor news Rybarikova lost, Shvedova, Roddick and Czink won, Dellacqua lost and Erakovic continues to surprise.

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