Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nicole Vaidisova

Vaidisova made the Wimbledon quarter finals last year, at present her supporters will be cheering if she makes the second round. Yesterday she was beaten by Olga Govortsova, a solid up-and-comer, but really the sort of player a Top Ten player should gobble up and spit out the bones. Of course she’s hardly a Top Ten player anymore and at this rate will be soon out of the Top 30.

At least she didn’t give up like she did last week against Mattek. That was a depressing hint at her vulnerability and was hopefully only a temporary state. The wags at WTAWorld like to link her decline to tennis lothario Stepanek but let’s not assign blame. Vaidisova had a meteoric rise at a very young age, obviously there will be adjustments to her life, career and playing style. The adjustments to her life alone will be massive as she goes from unknown potential star to incredibly hyped talent to actual sporting celebrity and millionaire. If you compare her situation to that of Sesil Karatantcheva, who was a similar future star but is now restarting her career in debt after drug suspension, perhaps Nicole is not handling the pressure so badly after all.

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