Friday, July 4, 2008

Do you put moisturiser on your biceps?

Rainer Schuettler
The Championships Men:

Schuettler was booked to play a Challenger in Spain the second weekend of Wimbledon which describes perfectly his expectations for The Championships.
The Times asks Rafa the big questions: Do you put moisturiser on your biceps? Apparently not...
Federer said that Safin's ranking of 75 is ridiculous. “He can sell me some of his points, then,” the Russian said. It’s been a memorable turnaround for Safin after recent disasters on Clay: He lost in the second round in Monte Carlo, the first round in Rome and had to qualify for Hamburg. Then he lost in the second round of the French Open. Maybe Grass is his surface after all?

How many bandanas did Clement go through for the tournament?

Bye bye: Clement
Semi-finals: Federer vs Safin
Nadal vs Schuettler

The Championships Women:

Dementieva finally gets her act together after wasting the first set but then wastes the tiebreaker to lose as (generally) expected. Didn’t see the Zheng game but the scoreline looks reasonable. Hope the Williams final is better than previous efforts. Of course they have to play doubles together first (and eat breakfast etc).

Final: Serena vs Venus Williams

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