Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Andy Roddick
Vaguely important results: Stosur won, Cibulkova won, Roddick won and the Germans are annoyed at the ATP.

Since the ATP is run by the players do Fed, Rafa and the Djoker have to reach into their pockets if the ATP loses its $79 Million court case? which it appears it will almost certainly do. How come some kind of deal wasn’t done to keep this out of court? Does de Villiers really believe that because he saved doubles he can do anything he wants? No probs though, now that Justin tell-it-like-it-is Gimelstob is on the Player Council I’m sure he’ll sort it all out.

First Gimelstob has to play the women at a new unisex tournament in California. I’m guessing he loses to Alexandra Stevenson...

Sharapova is the highest earning female athlete with 26mil last year. But is she happy? (erm probably) Obviously if you’re a female looking to play sport only Tennis and Golf are the way to go for the big bucks. (and since golf sux, tennis it is).

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