Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rafa the Asteroid

Daniela HantuchovaRafael Nadal is officially an Asteroid now as Jet Boy goes Galactic. Apparently he’s been launched into orbit between Mars and Jupiter and not before time. The Roland Garros / Wimbledon winner is now “four kilometers in diameter and speeds through space at 20km per second”. Catch that Fed!

In less galactic news: Blake won, Schnyder won, Wozniacki won, Chaky won, Cornet’s injured and Liu’s engaged to Chang.

The perils of playing your doubles partner strike again, this time for Daniela Hantuchova who got thrashed by Sugiyama at Stanford. Ouch. This of course proves why you should never bet on tennis – unless you know that Hantuchova always plays poorly against her friend, in which case you should definitely bet on tennis...

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