Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Nicole Vaidisova
Vaidisova lost, Wozniacki won, Radwanska won, Strycova won, Roddick’s injured and TMF is on a winning streak of one.

Still The Mighty Fed dropped a set to an injured Ginepri, not sure I’d be singing about that too loudly. Is Sugiyama twice as old as Vaidisova? Or just twice as smart? Either way it must be annoying to someone as allegedly talented as the Czech to get toned by someone 14 yrs older. Hope she’s not asking Radek for coaching tips.

Fed’s playing doubles with Borg in November against McEnroe and a Davis Cup loser in Macau. (Er eg Rafa if Spain loses the D Cup Semi against the USA or Blake when if the USA tanks)

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