Sunday, July 6, 2008

Venus rising

Venus WilliamsThe Championships

Venus beat Serena in a proper match with feeling. Seeing Serena aim that shot right at her sister in the first set was brutal (though normal for tennis). Venus put it away though. No apologies either, not even the fake kind when the ball hit the net and dribbles over. Bout time they had a proper match. Venus is the better player IMO with a net game that baseline basher Serena just doesn’t have. She dined on Serena's second serve all match too.

Tonight TMF and Jet Boy will square off again in what is either sweet revenge for French humiliation or the turning point in the battle for tennis supremacy. No point in trying to guess the outcome, just tune in and watch the feast.

Overhyped top Brit prospect Laura Robson won the junior title at 14. What are the chances she’ll be rushed onto the tour next year Donald Young style for some embarrassing beatdowns. Meanwhile Marat turned her down for the ball.

Final: Federer vs Nadal

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