Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cibulkova saves WTA!

Dominika Cibulkova
Just like last week when Safina beat Jankovic to ensure that the latter didn’t take the No 1 spot, now it’s Cibulkova’s turn to save the WTA and preserve any remaining credibility in women’s tennis since it stops the No 1 spot going to a player who hasn’t reached a Major final, let alone won one. How long can this go on?

Moody Maria’s out of the US Open as well as the Olympics and is currently standing in line at the shoulder shop to be fitted with a new one.

Radwanska won, Wozniacki won, Benesova lost, Safina won, Rafa won, Murray won and Haas and his actress girlfriend are playing the inaugural Shotgun 21 World Championships which is a fancy way of saying both sexes are playing a tournament with underhand serving and a guitar for first prize.

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