Friday, August 15, 2008

The continuing decline of Roger Federer

Li Na pumped
Federer lost, Serena lost, Venus lost and Nadal won.

Federer lost to Blake – is this evidence of Fed’s continued mental disintegration or simply the fact that he’s never done well at the Olympics? Either way it’s still a good win for Blake who usually finds a way to avoid victory on the big stage. Fed also lost it during the match, screaming and hitting away balls in frustration, displaying little of that Federer-like-calm that we normally see. He also questioned four calls and got them all wrong – but he’s never been good at that.

Serena was out-toughed by Dementieva and not before time. Don’t know what business Venus has losing to Li Na though, that’s just lazy, although it’s time for the Chinese to break through and her only decent results have been at home.

Apparently the Chinese fans clap at the wrong time which some players find irritating although Hewitt felt it provided a good atmosphere. Jankovic whined though, “Sometimes they get quite excited during the point, which is quite distracting for us, but it’s very difficult to explain to them in Chinese,” she said. Um, that’s probably because you don’t speak Chinese...

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