Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dellacqua does a Nadal

Venus and Serena Williams
Federer won, Nadal beat Hewitt, Djokovic won, Wozniacki beat Dani, Serena and Venus won and Davydenko lost and Li Na beat Morita.

Little Casey Dellacqua was upset at having to strip courtside when officials wouldn’t let her leave the court to change her shirt without taking a bathroom break.

Angry whispers at the scheduling when uncompleted matches weren’t scheduled first up when the winners would be required to play again that day, especially when the winner of Morita vs Erakovic has to play a rested Chinese girl just hours later. Is it too early to accuse the Chinese of cheating?

Serena and Venus had their doubles match held up because they weren’t wearing matching clothing, seems they refused to change though.

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