Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gonzo beats Blake (literally)

Fernando Gonzalez
Safina won, Nadal won, Gonzalez beat Blake and Fed tossed out the Bryans.

Good to see James Blake showing a healthy does of Olympic Spirit as he ripped into Gonzo for cheating. Blake whacked a ball out but he claimed the ball touched Gonzalez’ racquet on the way and the TV replays appear to confirm it did. Gonzo wasn’t certain and kept his mouth shut which left Blake flapping uselessly to the umpire who wasn’t going to make any hard calls.

Blake said Gonzalez was a great player who does everything in his power to win and usually doesn’t cheat. “Whatever he wants to say is fine,” Blake said. “Whatever is going to get him to have some sleep tonight, then that’s fine.”

Blake was upset because earlier Gonzo pinged him from close range though it’s acceptable and indeed the only option to aim at your opponent when both are at the net. Blake copped it on the head and wasn’t happy even though the Chilean apologised.

Safina showed Jankovic who’s really No 1 at the moment, rankings aside, and will play Li of China. It’s an all-Russian choke-athon in the other Semi with the interest in whether Dementieva can actually hold it together to win or whether Zvonareva will tear up so much that she can’t recognize who her opponent is and thinks she’s playing one of her earlier cannon-fodder victims instead of the (almost) great Dementieva. It’s her only hope.

Wonderful to see McEnroe tossed from some geriatric event for verbal abuse and getting stuck into some fans. Good publicity for the event, I guess, although maybe Mac just yearns to let go again.

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