Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nadal does his own laundry

Fernando Verdasco
Verdasco won, Wozniacki won, Mauresmo won, Chakvetadze won, Hanuchova won and Hewitt’s out of the US Open. Hewitt’s ranking will now plummet to the 70s.

Nadal is clueless about doing laundry according to British cyclist Jamie Staff. "I was in the laundry and I realised I was standing right next to [Rafael] Nadal. I didn't bother him but he was shoving all his colours and whites in together. I really wanted to say, 'Dude, you're going to have a nightmare with that. You can't just put the whole bag in - there are reds in with whites'. But what can you do?" Maybe he just likes pink.

Prankster Blake put a salami in Lindsay Davenport’s bed at the Olympics.

Former pros Borg and Schriver hit the gossip news pages. Schriver, who is in a battle with James Bond for possession of a top secret atomic device their children, at least doesn’t have toxic underpants like Borg.

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