Sunday, August 17, 2008

Russin for gold

Federer and Wawrinka
Safina beat Li, Dementieva beat Zvonareva, Djokovic beat Blake for bronze to really rub it in that complainers don't prosper. Fed won gold but don't tell him it's only in doubles - he thinks it matters (ditto the Williams and Bryans).

Djokovic ripped off his shirt and threw it to the crowd, with two racquets, and waved a Serbian flag. “To win any medal in the Olympics is a huge achievement,” Djokovic said. That’s the Olympic spirit.

Not celebrating is Blake who took down Federer then flamed twice to go home empty-handed. Even the positives after the Fed win are cancelled out by the schoolboy protest against Gonzalez.

Safina backed up after her late finish the day before and looks ready for a triathlon. That is to say she looks a mess but can still handle everything thrown at her. This year’s Safina is a whole new model (and not before time). Will she beat Elena the (almost) great? Momentum says yes, but neither has ever shown it on the big stage and there’s a Russian hierarchy that seems to mentally play on the players.

Nadal should continue his breakthrough year and justify his new ranking at Gonzalez expense, although Gonzo has a taste for gold already…

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