Monday, September 8, 2008

Andy Murray? That’s not in the script!

Serena Williams will now become undisputed No 1
US Open


Andy Murray is in the final after beating Nadal in four sets and is now the best British player since Rudeski (the overhyped Henman never made a major final).

Murray is the depriver. He deprived Federer of his revenge against Nadal and deprived us of another Fed-Rafa classic final. He better put up a decent fight against TMF in the final to make up for it.

There are signs he might. It’s a sign of his relentless maturity that he was able to sleep on a big lead against the No 1 and still come out the next day and finish him off – although Nadal did claw back one set. Fed’s had an extra day’s rest though. Did he watch the match, go watch a movie, or obsessively stalk the practise court? Yes, we know.

Remember, Murray’s not a real British hero until he wins Wimbledon. (Is there some sort of Scottish Tennis Championships?) Fed in four.

Final: Federer vs Murray


Serena beat Jankovic in straight sets proving conclusively that a baseline basher beats a pusher. Jankovic served for the second set and didn’t win another game. Serena Williams will now become undisputed No 1 probably for the rest of the year. Jankovic can watch the replays and celebrities as much as she wants.

“They should turn it off, because I keep looking,” the Serb said about the big video screens. “You see your big face up there and you can’t help but look up.” Yes, but you’re a professional tennis player playing the biggest match of your life – concentrate a bit hey?

“I felt I had her. I had her,” said Jankovic. Yes, but then you blew it. Remember that for next time.

Serena Williams was a worthy winner. She was simply the best player in the tournament. Nine majors now and counting.

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