Saturday, September 6, 2008

Elena the (almost) great

Elena Dementieva the (almost) great
US Open


The men had the day off (unless you care about doubles). Roddick and the Djoker continued their laughable feud about the number of the latter’s illnesses. I seem to remember something about “who laughs last…” Fed to take the 16 injuries man and Rafa the pirate king to grind down Murray’s youthful bones to make salt (or whatever you make out of ground up bones).

Semifinal 1: Nadal vs Murray
Semifinal 2: Djokovic vs Federer


Elena the (almost) great demonstrated again the viscitudes of elite tennis whereby one can be in domineering form, careering towards titled glory, and still manage to give away breaks in both sets and go home empty-handed. Still she’s young, she’ll learn – oh wait… never mind.

But Safina should be able to take something from her unmitigated disaster of a thrashing at the hands of Serena. If only that you need some sort of a plan to win at tennis and mindless over-hitting and histrionics only work if your surname is Williams and even then not always. Serena played a measured game allowing Safina to self-destruct and will start favourite against Jankovic who is in the uncharted territory of her final Major final. And apparently she’s a pusher.

Two women can still take the top spot by winning the title: Jankovic and Serena Williams. (It was six but the Kuz missed out when Ivanovic made it to the second round and second-round loser Ivanovic missed out when Jankovic made the semi-final and Dementieva and Safina both lost their semi-finals.) More here.

Final: Jankovic vs Serena Williams

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