Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I already answered this 100 times

Is Del Potro now a favorite?US Open


Querrey took the fight to Nadal but the Pirate king likes a brawl and won in four. What is Fish doing in a quarterfinal? (Answer: losing to Nadal – where’s the betting shop?) Del Potro ended Japanese hopes, is he the new favourite for the quarter?

Nadal’s Quarter
Bye bye: Querrey, Monfils
Nadal still on track to win quarter

Ferrer’s Quarter
Bye bye: Nishikori
Murray still on track to win quarter

Djokovic’s Quarter
Matches to watch: Roddick vs Gonzalez, Robredo vs Djokovic

Fed’s Quarter
Matches to watch: Davydenko vs Muller, Andreev vs Federer

Venus pokes her tongueWomen:

Team Williams dominated today blowing away Radwanska and Bremond, now we get what we deserve - a dire quarterfinal. It’s their fault of course, they should both be comfortably in the top 4 and get their own quarters, but they don’t play enough tournaments so their rankings are low enough for an earlier meeting, although seeds 4 and 7 meeting in a quarterfinal is just plain unlucky. Who do you root for?

Safina baulked at the first hurdle refusing to take the court against Groenefeld. She shouldn’t have worried, even at 20% she was still too good for the comeback girl. Will 20% (or less) be enough to take care of Pennetta? (Yes). “What would it mean for you to win this tournament? I already answered this 100 times...”

Five women can still take the top spot: Jankovic, Dementieva, Serena, Safina and second-round loser Ivanovic. (It was six but the Kuz missed out when Ivanovic made it to the second round.) More here.

Ivanovic’s Quarter
Bye bye: Mauresmo, Groenefeld
Safina still on track to win quarter

Serena Williams’ Quarter
Bye bye: Bremond, Radwanska
Serena Williams now favourite to win quarter

Kuznetsova’s Quarter
Quarterfinal: Dementieva vs Schnyder

Jankovic’s Quarter
Quarterfinal: Bammer vs Jankovic

“It’s nice to know he actually had to go out there and fight for it rather than me kind of handing it to him,” said Querrey.

Love it when the player knows more than the reporter about what’s going on:
Q. Looking ahead you might play Amélie next in the quarterfinals.
DINARA SAFINA: She's a set down.
Q. You played her couple years ago and you lost in that the quarterfinal. Do you feel like you have a little bit of a mental edge this time if she does come through?
DINARA SAFINA: I don't care. I think I don't know. Still I have to see who is the winner, so I don't to think it is going to be Amélie when Pennetta is going to win.

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