Thursday, September 4, 2008

I hope the people will also cheer for me

Andy Roddick shirtless
US Open


Murray beat Del Potro in four and is now in a Major semi-final. Does he have to keep showing his muscles though?

Muller was a qualifier, now he’s in a Major quarterfinal! He was so strong against Davydenko, putting the Russian off by determinedly serve and volleying even when Davy found a way to belt the ball past him. Did you see that squash shot Davydenko hit during the fourth set tiebreak from an impossible position for a winner? How did Davydenko lose such a match? Of course it was that same tiebreak that Muller (accidently?) hit Davydenko in the back and really annoyed the Russian. Will Muller serve and volley so much against Federer? It’s probably his only chance.

Nadal’s Quarter
Bye bye: Nadal or Fish
Nadal to win quarter?

Ferrer’s Quarter
Bye bye: Del Potro
Murray wins quarter

Djokovic’s Quarter
Quarterfinal: Roddick vs Djokovic

Fed’s Quarter
Quarterfinal: Muller vs Federer


Safina thrashed Pennetta – was it ever going to be any other way? Safina’s not worried about playing either Williams sister with their crowd support – “After being in China playing two times Chinese? And also being in Israel, playing Israeli, it was even worse. So I think so. I guess. I mean, I hope the people will also cheer for me.” Yep, dream on.

Serena beat Venus in two tight tiebreaks, after Venus got and lost early breaks in both sets, and will play Safina in a semi-final. Safina’s still my pick, but then again I though Venus would beat Serena...

Four women can still take the top spot: Jankovic, Dementieva, Serena and Safina. Three of them need to win the title but Jankovic may scrape home with only a final appearance (It was six but the Kuz missed out when Ivanovic made it to the second round and second-round loser Ivanovic missed out when Jankovic made the semi-final.) More here.

Ivanovic’s Quarter
Bye bye: Pennetta
Safina wins quarter

Serena Williams’ Quarter
Bye bye: V Williams
Serena Williams wins quarter

Semifinal 1: Dementieva vs Jankovic
Semifinal 2: Safina vs Serena Williams

Great to see Myskina looking happy and talking about her baby and interviewing job. Go to and try to find the video link on the right hand side.

Lame duck women’s CEO Larry Scott is going to allow televised coaching next year in an effort to make the tennis more entertaining and not to help the players. The designated coaches will be able to visit their player once per set during the normal changeover time plus when their opponent takes a medical break. This is presumably aimed at players like Jankovic who take medical timeouts every match to break their opponent’s concentration. It’s only at WTA events as Scott has no power over Majors.

Danish cutie warrior Caroline Wozniacki rang the closing bell at the Nasdaq Tuesday. It will help her profile in the USA she says. Hmm, why can’t she just go on a talk show?

Love it that the awesome serve power of Srebotnik is leading the tournament in Aces. Muller leads the men.

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