Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Las Ventas

Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid
Pivovarova lost, Rus won, Cibulkova beat Mauresmo, Chaky and Dani crashed, Zheng won, Cornet won, Robson won, Kirilenko lost and Philippoussis is making another comeback.

Good(?) win for Cibulkova who saved 4 match points against Mauresmo after being wiped in the first set. Now they will ask Mauresmo about retirement in every interview. Dani is apparently still recovering from injury but I’m not sure what Chakvetadze’s excuse is. Hantuchova has a lot of points to defend between now and the Aus Open and may be worried about her ranking dropping. Unfortunately it will still drop if you play and lose.

$1.3 million for Serena’s book?

The US raised the white flag for the Davis Cup replacing an injured Bryan with Marty Fish. Fair enough to allow Blake to go on break for exhaustion since he can’t play on clay but neither can Fish and the Bryans should have been good enough for a point in doubles. Now they are back to hoping the Spanish have an off day(s) and Roddick – who won’t beat Nadal – can win the reverse singles and they somehow scrape through. If not they can always admire the beautiful Las Ventas bullfighting stadium which the tie will be played in. I’ve been there, it’s cool.

John McEnroe’s father wants to run men’s tennis. Apparently he’s "the single most qualified person alive today for this job". Well, ok then. He probably couldn’t do a worse job then De Villiers. Guess it’s not likely though. I’m sure they'll do a beauty contest of global executives and then pick whoever they first had in mind. Hope Nadal likes him.

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