Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lucky 13 for Federer

Lucky 13 for Federer
US Open

Roger Federer destroyed Andy Murray to win the US Open for the fifth year in a row and his thirteenth overall Major. Can we start talking about the Greatest of all Time again?

Murray (has anyone got a good nickname for the Scot?) showed flashes of brilliance and tenacity but they were only flashes. Most of the time he was simply blown away by the best player in the world (sorry Rafa). I like the way he broke TMF when he served for the match (Championship) but Federer was too strong, controlled and experienced. How would he have gone against Nadal? We’ll never know, but you’d have to think the pirate King wouldn’t have gone tamely in straight sets. But you can only beat the player across the net and Fed did that exquisitely.

Did you see Murray tell the New York crowd (after the semi) that this is his favourite tournament – or does he say that to them all? I’ll bet Tim Henman never insulted the good people of the All-England Club so. Scottish remember. I’d like to see him play at The Championships next year wearing a kilt and Braveheart makeup.

In Bali, Domachowska won, Paszek won, Shvedova lost and anyone vaguely good enough to be a seed had the day off.

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