Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Marat Safin to retire?

Marat Safin to retire?
Jidkova lost, Schultz McCarthy lost, Haynes lost, Mokh won, Bolelli won, Lopez won, Querrey won, Berdych won, Karlovic lost, Johansson lost, Radwanska the younger lost and Safin lost and is now considering his future.

“I need to enjoy my life without tennis, I will see if I continue,” said Safin after losing 6-0 7-6 to a qualifier. “I need to think it through. I will see, it was too intense these last three years. We will see. I have no pressure, nothing to show, nothing to prove. If I feel like I want to continue to play, I will. If not, it will be over. For the moment, I just need to rest.” Take a break big guy. In Miami apparently...

Boffins say that “out” calls are more likely to be overturned via player challenges than “in” calls. Apparently it’s not because line judges are idiots or bad at their job but because of a “perceptual bias in which a moving target appears to be farther along its path than it really is”. Yep, I knew that. They still talking bout that Serena – Capriati match where Serena was denied a point and “Capriati went on to win the match.” Yeah yeah, Serena held serve in the game where the error was so it didn’t change anything. Except give us all Hawkeye, that is.

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