Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sania Mirza coming back

Sania Mirza coming back
Sania Mirza is on her way back after twice having surgery on her wrist and will return to the tour in January. Two months ago she couldn’t even use a fork before undergoing some miracle therapy the cricketers use. Be great to have her back.

Serena Williams will play Hopman with James Blake. Instant favourites I guess. Hope Safin turns up to play with sis.

Promo video for the Australian Open. Can't wait.

And Hewitt still has what it takes (to win Wimbledon). But not to win the Aus Open because he won't be seeded. He is having a second child soon though (sex unknown - though apparently baby Mia has asked for a brother and a sister...) Cheers Lleyton.

Majors and Masters will be worth even more ATP ranking points than Mickey Mouse tournements in 2009. This is because the ATP wants to use the legend "Masters 1000" in its marketing spiels and because nobody likes the small tournaments. Even Roger Federer the president of the ATP Players Council who said, "To be honest, I have heard about it, but I have not studied it. I guess it won't make a big difference." Not to you it won't Fed.

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