Saturday, November 15, 2008

Andy Murray

 Andy Murray hits his racket in frustration
photo credit: AP/Bullit Marquez
Simon beat Stepanek and Murray beat Federer.

So Murray comes of age and sends Fed packing. It was a good match and made up for a couple of who cares matches dialled in earlier. You could see Murray knows he is doing himself a disservice for the rest of the tournament but putting in so much effort here but this is the most important match. Betting Federer is more important than winning the tournament. And it’s not just the bragging rights or revenge for his New York beating, it’s that simple notion that across the net is (maybe) the greatest player who ever played and you take every opportunity you can to beat him. That’s the greatest respect you can show him and tennis. Plus Murray won’t have to face him in the final

Wozniacki, Caroline Wozniacki

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