Friday, November 14, 2008

Davydenko beat Del Potro

Del Potro has a snack
photo credit: AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko
Davydenko beat Del Potro, Tsonga beat Djokovic and Hamburg will still hold their tournament next year anyway but with reduced prize money of $2.40 and no recognizable players. The ATP is said to be considering a court challenge.

Davy stomped on Del boy Potro to stake a place in the Semis and Djokovic lost interest against Tsonga to give the latter a consolation prize. No word on whether Kiefer gets a run yet.

In an ever increasing effort to save money and destroy Jelena Jankovic, the WTA will make persistent timeout wasters pay for their medical attention. Now how do they fine them for taking extra bathroom breaks? Can’t see this lasting beyond January. This is perfect for punishing the lower ranked players but I can’t see Jankovic going broke soon with only a $500 fee. How much do you get for making a Major quarterfinal again?

Jankovic has superpowers though (and an evil twin), watch her play against herself and stop time in this Serbian ad.

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