Monday, November 10, 2008


Shanghai mens field
Davydenko beat Tsonga, Djokovic beat Del Potro and some Brit called Robson won a title in Sunderland. One of many to come perhaps.

Good to see Tsonga blame the ballboys for his loss yesterday. That’s a new one. "I lost a bit of energy because today, when I asked for my towel, my towel didn't come. When I ask for the ball, the ball didn't come. So sometimes you are tired and you play a long point and you want your towel and the guy look, I don't know, somewhere around. You are here and you want your towel. You ask one time, two times, three times and then you ask the other guy (ball-kid in opposite corner). You have to ask one, two, or three times and then the towel comes. Sometimes in the match I lost energy with that. Sometimes I have to take my towel alone. So for me, perhaps that is 10 metres more. At the end of a match, like one kilometer." Just pick up your own damn towel and stop whinging!

Federer was asked whether he was missing the absent Rafael Nadal: "Well, we're not dating so no, not really."

Draw for Shanghai. Fed and Murray to head Red Group? Djoker and Del Potro to take the Gold? Fed to win all? Roger must have thought he can easily has to win this now that Rafa is out.

Live (official) feed here:,,11444,00.html?WT.mc_id=shanghaiflash

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