Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vera Zvonareva beat Jelena Jankovic

Vera Zvonareva
Dementieva beat Petrova, Zvonareva beat Jankovic, Radwanska beat Kuznetsova and Serena and Ivanovic took their cheques and went home.

Great win for Vera to take out the number one – even if that number one is only Jankovic – and avoid Venus in the Semis. Vera must finally think she can compete at this level. Hands up if you picked Zvonareva and Venus to go through undefeated? Notice Hawkeye stuffed up during the Dementieva match and the umpire coolly ignored it. “Just trust me,” he told an incredulous Elena, who did. One reporter clearly didn’t believe Serena’s stomach muscle excuse either. Radwanska and Petrova finally got to play and Radwanksa confirmed that Kuznetsova is indeed playing woefully.

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