Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gulbis is double booked

 Ernests Gulbis
photo credit: PEDRO ARMESTRE/AFP/Getty Images
Serena pulled from Hopman. No one seems particularly surprised especially if she will play in Sydney the week after. And Sydney is the week before Melbourne Park meaning that the shy and reluctant Serena would have to play two weeks in a row before the Aus Open. The only surprise is the injury she chose for the occasion. A hamstring? Methinks it was a stomach injury at the YEC. Will she still show next week at the Rock n Racquets hit and giggle? Hmm probably not if she’s hobbling with her hamstring. Normally Serena Williams pulls from tournaments a lot closer to the starting date which would allow her more options. Perhaps the mild mannered Paul McNamee laid down the law after last year’s mishaps which saw Shaughnessy play the first match while Serena partied. Once again Meghann Shaughnessy steps in to fill Serena’s shoes though this year she’s a proper replacement. Wonder if she’s up to it after an injury-filled year.

Meanwhile Gulbis is double booked. The likeable Latvian is supposed to play the Kooyong Classic (exhibition) with Fed and co but at the same time there is a tournament in Auckland that’s expecting him there. Where will he choose? Both Tournament directors insist they have a firm guarantee from him. Who would have thought Ernests Gulbis could be in such demand?

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