Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Henin and Clijsters

Henin and Clijsters
Aus Open WC Playoffs (from day 2): Groth won, Ball won, Wishink won, Ferguson won, Golds won, Sirianni won and Sheed won. Also Voegele and Radwanska the lesser won in Dubai.

Justine Henin looks good and relaxed and her no longer mortal enemy and compatriot Kim Clijsters has a tattoo with her baby’s name. Justine sounds calm too "I have no regrets. I can't regret a life which gave me so much. I learned so many things about myself. It's important to have the wisdom to stop at a time when it's the moment to move on. I have only good memories. I have so much curiosity, and I want to be able to express myself differently from now on. I have personal time now. Time for me. To breath and relax isn't easy for myself having lived such an extremely intense lifestyle. I try for serenity with a rich balance, but without competitive pro tennis and adrenalin." Good for her (but bad for the rest of us who have to put up with Jankovic as number one...)

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Anonymous said...

Henin looks great! I sure wish she was still playing tennis though. There's not much to look forward to on the women's tour next season without her. She was, without doubt, the best - way ahead of the pack including Williams sisters, Sharapova, the lot! Hope she's really enjoying her life now.


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