Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hewitt baby Cruz

Maria Sharapova Women's Health magazine
Aus Open WC Playoffs (day 3): Gajdosova's boyfriend Groth won and should go through, Wishink stays undefeated, Ferguson and Starr both won and go through. Dokic must beat Mirkovic (0-2) to advance.

In the USTA Aus Open WC Playoff Christine McHale beat Coco Vandeweigh, Vania King beat Mallory Cecil, Lauren Albanese beat Asia Muhammad and Gail Brodsky beat Madison Brengle.

Maria Sharapova on the cover of Women's Health magazine in January. Hair looks much better again.

Lleyton and Bec Hewitt have another child but for some reason they’re gone all Beckhamy and called it Cruz. No word on whether Lleyton lost a bet or did it for a dare. Lleyton’s in heavy training for his annual attempt to win the only Major he actually cares about but sounds relaxed and at peace. This is probably not good news as Hewitt plays best when he’s fired up so hopefully some idiot Australian columnists will print their usual diatribes about how obnoxious he is and why he’ll never win anything again. Calling him “Little Lleyton” will probably help too. Then he can come out firing, ready to show all how determined to succeed he is and play some mighty tennis before bowing out in the semi-final as usual.

The men’s top ten in poetry. Guess it had to be done sometime, er wait...

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