Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jelena Dokic wins Australian Open Wild Card Playoff

Jelena Dokic
Vitalia Diatchenko (who no one had ever heard of until 10 secs ago) beat Urszula Radwanska in the Dubai final and is either a top prospect or very lucky. Meanwhile Radwanska the Lesser continues to disappoint what are becoming very moderate expectations. Maybe her big sis should stop gifting her soft tournament entries and make her earn them like a real player...

Jelena Dokic beat Monika Wejnert for a Aus Open WC spot and saves Tennis Oz the awful decision of whether to give her a WC or not (ie certainly not). Now they can reward brave Wejnert with one for a near miss. Wejnert led in all three sets but Dokic clawed her way back and may be approaching decent play, although her consistency is obviously lacking. Still if you put the wins up you must be doing something right and it’s about time for Dokic otherwise she may as well retire. Dokic’s also put her hand up for Fed Cup in a why not gesture as she’s certainly unlikely to be asked. But with Oz women’s stocks at an all time low who knows? Dokic says she’ll play qualifying at Brisbane and Sydney but surely an intelligent tournament director or two would save a Wild Card for her? She’d certainly be a drawcard in Brisbane...

Colin Ebelthite beat Sam Groth in the men’s. Ebelthite has been the standout player all week racking up wins against many of Australia’s so-called top players or prospects.

Henin’s old coach Carlos Rodriguez has finally accepted that Justine’s not coming back and has moved onto Yanina Wickmayer a nineteen year old Belgian prospect.

Jankovic celebrates Christmas by flashing her panties.

It’s not so easy for Pakistani tennis players to get visas to play in India. Hmm do they really suspect him of being a terrorist?

More nonsense on a possible combined tour. This time a history lesson...

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