Monday, December 29, 2008

Magdalena Rybarikova likes to model

Magdalena Rybarikova
Aussie wild cards now flowing to hopefully talented youngsters who will probably be treated as cannon fodder by their more experienced opponents in what is usually called ‘a learning experience’. Monika Wejnert and Isabella Holland will play in Brisbane with wildcards and Jessica Moore scored one for Hobart the week later. It will be Wejnert and Holland’s first tournament while Moore had several first round efforts last year, though she did make the second round of the US Open. Wejnert and Holland won WCs for good runs in the Aus Open wildcard playoff while Moore, who was dumped in the round robin, gets hers by being ‘one of the outstanding rising stars of Australian women’s tennis’. Auckland continues the non-NZ theme by giving its last WC to Eleni Daniilidou.

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A bit of Brisbane tennis history from the WTA before Brisbane’s new tournament starts. I didn’t know Davenport won at the old Milton courts.

Maria Sharapova is the most searched athlete on Yahoo in 2008 and the only tennis player in the top ten. Imagine how popular she’d be if she actually played some tennis...

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