Thursday, December 4, 2008

Maria Sharapova to edit ESPN mag

Maria Sharapova to edit ESPN mag
Maria Sharapova is going to edit some sports magazine and turn it into fashion central. The staff were told: “Please take a few minutes and ask yourself ‘If Maria Sharapova were my boss for a day, how could she make the magazine better?’” Hmm “There are no stupid ideas.” There’s one for a start.

If Maria Sharapova was my boss everything would be better if she wore short skirts around the office and grunted a lot. I hope that helps...

Sampras beat McEnroe in a who cares match in London. Mac challenged a few calls to make sure the fans got their money’s worth.

Fed’s dumping the dirt.

100 matches a year says Pete Bodo. Top players should play 100 matches a year and we should go back to defending champions sitting out the knockout rounds until a worthy challenger is decided for him to play. Like boxing or chess.

Matt Cronin can drink the other tennis writers under the table, except Pete Bodo. He can write a few of them under too...

The ATP is dead, long live the ATP World Tour.

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