Friday, December 19, 2008

Nadal plays football

Rafael Nadal plays football
In the USTA Aus Open WC Playoff Christina McHail def Gail Brodsky 6-1, 6-0 for the WC. McHale won all her matches. Asia Muhammed finally got a win (against Brodsky) in a dead match the day before.

Voegele and Radwanska the lesser keep winning in Dubai.

The ATP has a new “Feel It” Ad campaign out. As opposed to its old “Feel It” campaign. Basically it’s more Rafa than ever before which can’t be a bad thing. According to its media spin it will “position ATP World Tour stars like Rafael Nadal as titans of the sport playing tennis that is ‘out of this world’” Can’t wait for the new galactic locations then. Maybe a Rafa Fed exhibition on the moon? One side of the court red clay and the other side moon dust. I’d pay to see that. Jet Boy himself said: “I like the new ATP advertising campaign. They have done a great job with this since it is cool and spectacular and although I consider myself someone very down to Earth it is funny to see us up there playing with the stars. I hope this campaign helps bring more attention, new people and fans to the tennis tournaments.” Cool and spectacular. And they did this all without a new CEO...

Latisha Chan and Pavlyuchenkova training at altitude.

Video: Friends of Rafa vs Friends of Iker (in Spanish)

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