Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Richard Gasquet

Richard Gasquet
Casey Dellacqua gets a wild card for Sydney – no surprise there, Rogowska gets one for Hobart and Gasquet likes the surface at Brisbane after a hit with Tomic. Gasquet is already in Brisbane practicing along with Soderling and Baghdatis. Ivanovic hasn’t been sighted in Brisbane proper yet but appears to be still camped up Noosa way. Meanwhile someone’s noticed that the men are getting twice as much prizemoney than the women. This is of course normal for tennis where parity only exists at the Majors, but ATP prize pools are always larger than the women’s. The Brisbane tournament director neatly points out that they’re only allowed one top ten player (as they are a mickey mouse tournament by WTA standards) and to get just one more top tenner would more than double the cost. Which makes sense if the extra player was Sharapova or surnamed Williams but not for any of the others (Honorable mention Dementieva...)

Federer is taking the leadup to the Australian Open so seriously he is playing not one or two but three exhibitions! C’mon Fed if you really care you’ll skip the big money hit-and-giggles and play a proper tournament... Roger is playing Abu Dhabi then Qatar then the Kooyong Classic in Melbourne. His only excuse can be that all his major rivals are doing the same...

Anastasia Myskina and Anna Semenovich.

Barbara Schett is Pregnant.

Anna K is playing Auckland – no not that one...

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