Monday, December 8, 2008

Verdasco and Ivanovic at the airport

Verdasco and Ivanovic at the airport
Sampras lost to Pioline in the oldies tournament which doesn’t mean much unless you think his recent beating of the 47 year old McEnroe meant something. The real tennis must be on holiday if we care even a little about such events.

Verdasco and Ivanovic got their photos taken kissing at the airport. Apparently they are the only story around at the moment – assuming geriatric tournaments don’t count. Are they going to do this in Brisbane? Stare longingly into each other’s eyes while being flanked by two dozen reporters? Both crash out in the first round? One can only hope...

Young Olivia Rogowska won some small Oz title.

Rafa Nadal loves Nike (the sports brand, not the Greek god).

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