Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jelena Dokic and Borna Bikic

Jelena Dokic
Managed to miss all the ethic tension yesterday although all males were patted down by security before getting in the gate. That’s a bit silly and patronising, just give all the firecrackers etc to the girls before you go through. Djokovic beat Delic by the way and both were warm and friendly to each other after the match in the way that you are when lots of police have told you that your fans have put a woman in hospital and you need to hose down the situation please. They should have hosed down the streaker too.

Cornet beat Hantuchova, Dokic ran over Wozniacki and an increasingly desperate Ivanovic let all her sponsors down against Kleybanova. Jankovic struggled against Sugiyama – she must need the drama, there’s no way she should be having difficulty against Sugiyama. Safina, Zvonareva and Petrova cruised like Russian machines and Bartoli makes up the fourth round.

Cilic strolled on and looks great, Robredo ended Taiwan’s Lu, Federer beat Safin and who is this player impersonating Baghdatis? The Cypriot who used to have nice hair has been in dreadful form so what is he now doing in the fourth round? Roddick won, Berdych won and del Potro won.

Australian media making a lot of noise over Jelena Dokic. Have to remember no other Aussies left ‘cept Stosur who’s about to get crushed by Dementieva. All the stories mention Dokic’s father and sometimes mix the Bikic brothers up and never talk about the last few comebacks that she has made every year. It’s always Damir destroyed her life and took her to Serbia and her career’s been rubbish ever since until now, oh and the love of Tin Bikic saved her. Actually she was just an upcoming junior when she left Australia and then she won five titles and made it to number four in the world under her father. Then they split in 2003 and she hired Borna Bikic as her coach and took up with a racing car driver boyfriend. Her tennis plummeted. She went walkabout for a while and started going out with Borna’s brother Tin. In 2006 she returned to Australia and won the Aus Open wildcard playoff but made no impact. She had no money and was playing little tennis and Bornia left to wreck Karolina Sprem’s career instead. Dokic attempted a comeback again in 2008 with a little success and now has finally made a breakthrough it seems. Wish her all the best but let’s not make things up. Her father was a particularly unpleasant person and she’s better off without him but he didn’t destroy her career. She did it herself by losing focus with racing car driver boyfriends and Borna Bikic.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the article.

It's true, people blame Dimir but it was her fault as well.

But well done? Hopefully Safina beats her but after todays match against Cornet i dont know

Anonymous said...

well I can imagine a life with an abusive father - cause I have one,but having an abusive father+serbian nationalist is more than enough.About her boyfriend and coach are so many rumors going on-they now their truth.
Hopefully she wins Safina,at least she plays tennis well and looks warm and being honest

Glenister said...

With Damir Dokic as her father poor Jelena has never had a positive male influence on her life to use as an example in selecting her direction in her present life. It is no wonder that the Bikic brothers have settled on her like leaches to get her financial support. If only someone like Tony Roche would take on on on for a period to show her a settling influence to help ground the rest of her life. She is an Aussie so lets get behind her and give her the support that she needs.


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