Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jelena Dokic

Jelena Dokic
Novak Djokovic will remain the butt of illness jokes after another retirement. Let’s assume the heat really got to him because to continually walk off deep in a Major tournament – especially when you’re defending champ – is an absolute concern. And against his nemesis Roddick (does winning one match make you a nemesis?) maybe it’s just easier to walk off saying it’s a medical thing, rather then waiting to get beaten. Some players turn it into an art form. Alexandra Stevenson regularly retires at 5-1 down and about to lose, but we assume Djokovic has more class. For a little while longer anyway.

Jelena Dokic won the hearts of a Hewitt-deprived nation and rediscovered her lost form. Maybe Borna Bikic is a coaching genius after all? More likely it was the crowd which took her to heart, cheered every point, felt every blow and challenged every call with her. She has travelled a long way towards redemption and taken us all with her. Thank you Jelena.

Safina won a close match and will play Vera Zvonareva who obliterated Bartoli. It must be time to start noticing Zvonareva. She hasn’t lost a set yet, laps up the heat – have you seen her warming up in the full-length gear? – and her new slimmed down look looks great. No more tears helps too. Is it time to get on the Zvonareva bandwagon? Elena the (almost) great vs Vera the Zvonarater?

Marion Bartoli was upbeat depite her thrashing by the 'Russian Ball-machine' and blogged: "Yesterday, I went for a ride on a carousel with a beautiful horse. I'm just an animal lover. I always carry pictures of my cat with me - she is so cute!"

Safina apologised to the crowd for beating Dokic: “I’m so sorry for beating an Australian tonight, I hope you will be behind me next time.”


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't she really commit to fitness? Why the spare tires? She's not fit and not serious. The bikics are not training her don't hit with her and don't do fitness training with her. She's stuck with them for 6 years of loosing result. The bikics are shady. This lady is depressed mentally unstable and she has no real family to care about her beyond making a buck. HER MOM ONLY wants to make money. This situation is not right. This woman is being taken advantage of imo. She is often portrayed as a loud & rude but she was an abuse victim. She is a depressed person not in touch with her feelings. This is the sign of an abuse victim. Jelena Dokic needs help. The tennis tours has never helped her at all. Leave her to GOD.

Anonymous said...

Dokic suffers from depression = person not in touch with her feelings due to extreme criticism and lack of support. Bikic is the cause of her downfall. She's been with him for six years and for six years her results have suffered. They're not doing any fitness training, and don't hit with her on court. This woman is in trouble and being taken advantage of badly.


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