Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flavia Pennetta loses it

Flavia Pennetta
Forgotten Aussie boy Klein won Burnie, Karatantcheva’s on the comeback in Pattaya, Team USA went as expected with Craybas beating the nobody and Dulko doing likewise. Is doubles suddenly important? And since when is Craybas bankable? Pennetta led Italy over Mauresmo and France. Benesova lost and Kvitova won against Spain and Russia’s just showing off against China. Yes, Chaky beat someone. Tsonga against Chardy in Johannesburg. Gonzalez versus Acasuso in Chile.

France are protesting against Italy after losing both matches. Lovable minx Flavia Pennetta copped a $2000 fine for flipping off the umpire and apparently disturbing poor Amelie Mauresmo so much that she went on to lose. And it’s somehow just like Zindane’s headbutt. The French want the result reversed – ha! France should have won both matches and managed to choke big time. Time to see the sports psych not complain meaninglessly.

Video: Pennetta vs Mauresmo

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