Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lleyton Hewitt’s getting sued

Lleyton and Bec Hewitt
Roger nicht Verletzt Federer turned up at the players’ party in Dubai to taunt all those players who actually have to play. Does he get paid his appearance money if he makes an appearance but doesn’t play? He is promoting the tournament as the cheesy photos show.

Andy Ram’s big Dubai adventure came to a halt when he lost in the first round of doubles to Safin and some other bloke - wait Safin’s playing doubles? Ram refused to blame the security and the fact that people were actually watching a doubles match for his loss. "Coming here was something big,” he said, “because it showed that we should not involve sports with politics, It's a bridge that connects people, countries, culture, everything, religions, and that's the beauty of it.” Meanwhile Dudi Sela blamed Peer for everything.

Security was tight for Ram’s match with two bodyguards protecting him (from Safin?) while Mobile phones (deadly missiles? remote explosives? betting aides?) and bottles of water (to hurl at players?) were not allowed on the court.

David underachiever Nalbandian managed to lose in Acapulco, as did Monaco, Suarez Navarro and Zakopalova, while no-breakfast Venus struggled past pusher Llagostera Vives. Baghdatis won in Delray Beach as did Fish, while Muller lost and Lleyton Hewitt’s getting sued by his former management company and now everyone knows how much a women’s mag paid him for exclusive stories about how much he and his wife love each other and aren’t fighting at all – oh and they have another kid (A$84,000). No wonder he’s moving to the US.

Jelena Dokic training at Bollettieri’s Academy.

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