Friday, February 13, 2009

Maria Sharapova not consumed by love

Maria SharapovaSeems the Chakvetadze dad quote about Sharapova (she’s lost interest in tennis, only love, Yuri’s lost his influence etc) was made up by the Russian press. Hey guys leave the making up stories to us bloggers please! Anyway the longer Moody Maria continues to absent herself from the tennis court the rumours and innuendo will just get worse. Hopefully we will see her back next month.

Tsonga beat Tursunov, Murray had a win and Nadal took his time overcoming some Russian. Jankovic beat nemesis Li Na – is it cool to have a nemesis or not? I imagine it sounds better than it actually is. Wozniacki had a scare before she beat the retiring Pervak and Sania Mirza continued her valiant fight against injury. Serena crushed Sprem then handed out a beating to WADA over drug checking. Complaining about having to report her whereabouts occasionally: “I jump from city to city all the time. First of all, I never tell people where I am because I like to do my own thing.” Yes, but it’s not about you Serena, it’s about those who want to cheat to beat you. So everyone has to make sacrifices. Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion etc.

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