Friday, February 13, 2009

Shahar Peer to play in Dubai

Shahar Peer
Israel's Shahar Peer will play in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates which has no relations with Israel. Unfortunately Peer’s in such a form slump that she might not last long in her groundbreaking tournament. Peer played in Doha in Qatar last year although Qatar did already have trade and low-level diplomatic relations with Israel, unlike UAE which does not officially recognise Israel and bars its citizens from entering.

Peer was protested in Auckland earlier this year and pulled the “I’m a sportsperson not a politician” line when confronted with Israel’s battle with Hamas in the Gaza strip. Fair enough too. When sports stars offer political opinions it’s time to stop reading the papers. Let them play sport.

It seems that if the Dubai tournament wants to be a Premier tournament with all the WTA wrappings then it really does have to be open to all players. Congratulations to the WTA for enforcing this. Hope Peer does last more than one match.

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