Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Urszula Radwanska beats big Sis!

Urszula Radwanska
Radwanska the Lesser beat big sister Agnieszka in some place that we’re not mentioning due to the boycott. Vesnina also showed Kuznetsova how bad she’s playing. Robredo and Stepanek won titles, Radek did the worm dance as usual – maybe this is what attracts the ladies? It certainly brings out strong feelings in everyone who sees it. It’s February and already Stepanek has won two titles, certainly he is getting the best form reaction from his engagement to Nicole Vaidisova whose slump goes from bad to worse.

Apparently Agnieszka Radwanska was sick which was the official family reason why top tenner lost to li’l sis ranked 121. You wonder though what’s really happening in Radwanska land. Maybe Urszula Radwanska is the best tennis player in the family?

And it rained in Bogota.

There was a litany of calls condemning the decision to ban Peer but you expect that in this politically correct world. Players said all the right things but no one actually talked about boycott and the WTA danced about the issue waggling their finger at the problem but not actually suggesting punitive measures. You can bet there will be some deal – Peer will get some points as though she did play and some intermediary will funnel some prizemoney to her, but the tournament will be on again as usual and Israeli players will be quietly encouraged to go play one of the Mickey Mouse tournaments in Memphis or Bogota that week. This is the new, bright world we play tennis in, and it’s all about money. Don’t look so surprised.

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