Saturday, March 7, 2009

Anna Kournikova all tied up

Anna Kournikova all tied up
Anna Kournikova got all tied up for some Ad campaign. That’s all very nice Anna but when are you going to play tennis again? You do remember tennis don’t you?

Maria Sharapova also vaguely remembers tennis – it’s that thing I do when I’m not modelling, right? Moody Maria has ditched the singles for Indian Wells but will play doubles with Elena Vesnina. Exactly why we’re not sure but I’m sure it’s to do with money since Sharapova’s not normally remotely enthusiastic about doubles. Probably because for a pro it’s almost a complete waste of time. But in the desert of financial uncertainly that is Indian Wells someone has to replace the Williams sisters as primetime TV candy and with the Serbs fading fast it must be Maria time. Otherwise the men will get all the coverage. Since it’s likely Maria hasn’t played doubles since age twelve somebody better explain her the rules. Remember you use the outside lines and have to tap your partner’s hand after every point, whether you win, lose or have no idea what you’re doing.

Federer has seemingly bowed to popular opinion and selected Darren Cahill as his coach, presumedly if he keeps losing to Nadal it’s now Cahill’s fault.

There’s some D-Cup going on amid the storms and apparently Blake’s still a headcase. Watch the US go down in a heap unless they’re saved (yet again) by the doubles. Safin still has it, it seems (but Simon doesn’t).

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