Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Camille Pin had a win in qualifying

Camille Pin
Woman’s Day confidently announce it’s all over for Lleyton and Bec Hewitt. Bet they’re just jealous they didn’t get to pay the Hewitts A$85,000 for vapid stories of their mutual love.

Pin beat Klepac, Coin beat Karatantcheva, Olaru lost, Groth won and Voskoboeva lost in Indian Wells qualifying. Young Aussie tyro Bernard Tomic gets fined and suspended for his Dad’s behaviour, now that the Australian season is safely over and he won’t miss much.

Kim Clijsters will play Wimbledon – but only a hit-and-giggle to test out the new roof. She is practising six hours a day though, maybe she has another Wimbledon tournament in mind?

Yahoo blog slams the sisters. That’s a way to ensure unpopularity.

Wesley Moodie wanted a Business class ticket to back to South Africa to play D-Cup (South African players don’t get paid) and when he didn’t get it he skipped:
"Nobody seems to realise the sacrifices that South African tennis players are expected to make – and have made in the past to play for their country. Wayne Ferreira, at times, gave up huge appearance fees (called, ‘guarantees’) at ATP events to play for South Africa for relative peanuts. Unfortunately, national tennis associations worldwide are always going to rely on a players’ conscience and if possible, big money, to get them to play Davis Cup. Yes, I do want to play for my country regardless, but unfortunately the success of my career is solely determined by the ATP Tour and Grand Slams. That is where my primary source of income lies and that is where I have to strive to succeed. Call me unpatriotic and self-centred….I apologise. I love South Africa but I can’t make a living by playing for my country."

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