Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dokic’s out

Jelena Dokic
Day one at Indian Wells – for the girls, the guys start tomorrow – and already Jelena Dokic’s going home. And she can take with her Erakovic, Bondarenko the Lessor, Lisicki, Brito, Krajicek, Dechy and Keothavong. Dokic was beaten by journey(wo)man Craybas and immediately started complaining about her exhausting schedule etc etc. Sounds like her recent good form may be transient (and the last four years of iterant whimsy a hard habit to lose).

Federer and Cahill have already called it quits? There’s nothing like a strong commitment to make a relationship work. They say it’s about travel, but I’m sure the critical moment was when Fed asked what he had to do to re-reach number one and Killer replied “Learn Spanish”. What Fed will eventually realise is that he needs to stop fantasying about the French and Grand Slam history and forget the dirt and concentrate on the rest that he was doing so well. Accept that winning three Majors a year is pretty good and it’s enough. And stop crying when you lose. We know how much you care but it’s the winner’s moment, have a cry later when the cameras are gone.

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