Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mathilde Johansson goes live

Mathilde Johansson
Pin, Coin, Johansson, Bremond and Groth all lost in Indian Wells qualifying, de Chaunac, de Voest and Phau won. Gaston Gaudio (remember him?) won in Santiago.

Larry Scott tries to shift blame for L’affaire Peer.
“As the Dubai Open grew in prestige and prize money, the issue of hosting an Israeli player had never come up.” Really? How’s the head-in-the-sand approach working now?

The WTA and Indian Wells have dropped the silly idea that Serena and Venus Williams will be forced to do promotion for the tournament that they (quite rightly) refuse to play. They’ll do something later on that isn’t connected with Indian Wells and we’ll all pretend that we’re satisfied.

Melanie Oudin gets a write up.

Steffi leaves Sania speechless.

Mathilde Johansson goes live .

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