Monday, March 23, 2009

Rafael Nadal gets to bite a new trophy

It was nice of Andy Murray to show up for the final but he was non-existent in the match as Nadal powered home and Murray left to console himself with beating the greatest player of all time but not the greatest player of his time.

Murray’s awesome record against Federer was no use today against Pirate king Nadal who extends his lead as number one after demolishing a windswept Murray. Murray’s defensive supposedly rope-a-dope game was no use in the desert wind and Nadal is now the all-surface champion, easily adapting to everything.

So with the demise of Pacific Life the whale is gone and a nice delightfully ugly trophy for the winners to gnaw (Nadal) or look awkward holding (Bepa).

Womens’s qualifying draw for Miami, Men’s.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

It really aggrivates that he bites trophies. I just dont get the purpose behind it. I can understand kissing the trophy, but biting it, I just dont get it?


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