Friday, April 24, 2009

Rafael Nadal in Barcelona

Rafael Nadal

Nadal won two matches although the second was a walkover as Nalbandian looked at Rafa and a possible three hour match on the dirt which he wouldn't win anyway and said "I'm out of here!" He also had some hip problem.

The Worm beat Wawrinka, Ferrer won, Davy won, Robredo won, Gonzo won and Verdasco won.

Ana Ivanovic says Ajde! a lot.

Andre and Steffi go shopping.

Vote for your favourite tennis babe in a bikini!

Ana Ivanovic is the world's 11th sexiest woman. Apparently this matters to some people. No idea who won.

Video: Maria Sharapova giving some footballer a makeover
E:60 Maria Sharapova and Matt Stafford Preview from ESPN Communications on Vimeo.


Ru-an said...

Thanks for linking to my tennis babes in bikinis site. If you want we can exchange blog links as well :-)

KickServer said...

Ok, I have linked to - is this your main site?


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